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Camera Systems

Camera Systems

Since 2006 our team at Precision Electrical Services have provided clients with high-quality camera system installations. We cater our Camera systems to clients based in county Cork.


For over 15 years, our team has gained the experience and knowledge to install camera systems to the highest standard. We offer competitive pricing on all of our security cameras for homes.


With many different camera system options to choose from, our team are here to advise you on which camera systems would best suit your needs.

 camera system

Are you looking to install a high-quality camera system into your property? Contact our team today!

What types of camera systems do we install?

At Precision Electrical Services we install a range of different camera systems, including:


  • Interior CCTV systems

  • Outdoor home security cameras 

  • Interior and exterior Intercoms

  • Camera system for exterior gates

camera systems
Precision Electrical Services

If you are on the market for outdoor home security cameras, contact our team today!

The advantages of having a camera system in your property

There are many advantages of having a camera system in your property:


  • Camera systems provide you with extra security within your property

  • Deters burglars and thefts from occurring

  • Camera systems allow you to monitor the perimeters of your property from anywhere

Why choose our camera system installers?

There are many reasons why you should consider choosing our electricians to install security cameras for your home:


  • We have nearly 20 years of experience installing camera systems

  • We provide competitive prices on all of our camera system options

  • We cater to domestic, commercial and industrial properties

  • Our team are all fully registered and insured electricians, so you can be confident that you will receive the best results every time

 camera system

Contact our experts at Precision Electrical Services today for advice on security cameras for your home!

  • What is the catchment area of our electrical services at Precision Electrical Services?
    At Precision Electrical Services, we cater our electrical services to clients throughout Cork.
  • What is the best way to contact our electrical contractors?
    The best way to contact our electrical contractors at Precision Electrical Services.

Camera Systems FAQ’s

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